Today, as T-COD Architecture, we would like to talk about the Cubes Ankara Project, located in Çukurambar, one of Ankara's distinguished living spaces. Let's take a look at the opportunities that that the project, which is unusual with its new generation architecture and functions, will offer to the users. 


Breaking the mold with a cubist architectural perspective, the project sells homes and offices as ''Cube''. Cubes Ankara Project offers a living unit without using concepts such as 2+1, 3+1. Cubes Ankara, which comes across as a flexible mixed-function project, has 905 residences, 521 offices and 10 commercial areas consisting of 2 blocks. In Cubes Ankara, which consists of independent cubes that can change, grow and add completely according to the wishes of the user, with the office & dom project, cusromers can buy 1 cube, 2 or more cubes if they wish.


Cubes Ankara is a cubic project formed by the combination of many different Cubes. It offers the opportunity to design a house or office in the desired size and structure by bringing together different Cubes in the project. Consisting of 216,932,15 m2 residential, office, commercial and social facilities, the project offers everything that home and business life will need together with its independent units equipped with a floor garden, meeting and conference rooms. The modular structure, which knows its dimensions according to the wishes of the user.


The project, which will include culture, art, shoping and performance centers, galleries that will host artistic activities, a swimming pool designed on the sky floor, GYM halls, cafes, spa & massage units, is preparing to serve in two separate blocks.


The project, which plans to become one of the favorite living spaces of Ankara, is waiting to meet its users with the discourse of volume and breathing spaces.