Office decoration is one of the most important factors in creating a comfortable and pleasant working environment in our office, where we spend most of the day. In this article, by T-Cod Architecture, Assoc. Dr. We will talk about our clinical project we designed for Deniz Ulaş. If we make a general start; Designs forms offer a more spacious effect indoors than designs with straight lines. 

As T-COD Architecture, Assoc. Dr. We included it in our project we designed for Deniz Ulaş. Let's take a look at the details of our project together. The curved structures used in our project are shaped with wood and gold details. With wood and gold details. With this concept created in office design, softer transitions have emerged. In narrow and small spaces, we aimed to create a sense of depth by combining the wood texture with the mirror detail in order to achieve a more spacious look.

1071 Plaza, which was built by t-Cod Architecture on a turnkey basis, Assoc. Dr. Deniz Ulaş Obstetrics-Gynecology Clinical Project was completed and delivered.

Let it be used in good days...