Today, as T-Cod Architecture, we will talk about YDA Center, one of the remarkable buildings in Ankara. Positioned by YDA Group on Eskişehir Highway in Ankara's Çankaya District, YDA Center has succeeded in becoming a symbolic design with an unusual aesthetic approach.


YDA Center responds to many needs of users in the spatial, visual and social areas. YDA Center, which consists of 567 residences and offices ranging from 57 m2 to 8.000 m2, also has Ankara's largest indoor car park. The building, which is located on 27,500 m2, also includes equipment such as shopping mall, meeting rooms, market, gym, electric vehicle charging stations. The structure, which draws attention with its form, consists of 3 main elements.

 -Urban Plaza -High Flat Office -Urban Emptiness 




At the same time, the YDA Center, which has unique qualities, includes Ankaray and Metro stations. Office owners can switch directly from the office block to Ankaray and Metro stations. In addition to these features it offers to the users, the building, which is highly criticized by the residents of the city, narrows the road in its location due to its size, causing a serious traffic problem, especially with the density it creates during rush hour. The YDA Center, where the choice of location has been widely criticized, displays a contradictory appearance among the multi-storey buildings. Another issue that causes criticism is that the building, which is thought to block the clean air circulation due to its form, causes air pollution.


Despite all these positive and negative features, YDA Center has managed to become one of the remarkable buildings in Ankara, and has managed to become an iconic structure that will be remembered in its location.