With the inclusion of the corona virus in our lives, permanent and great changes took place in our home, education and business lives. One of these permanent and major changes is video conferences, which allow us to ensure the continuity of our education and business lives. As T-COD Architecture, we would like to talk about our architectural and interior design and application services, as well as our video conferencing service in Smart Meeting Rooms, which provides great convenience and comfort to the business world.

In the changing and developing world order, technology takes its place at the most important point of our lives. We can handle all our simple and daily needs from our smartphones, from our grocery shopping to our bank tasks. Video conferences are one of the benefits of the age of technology that shape and facilitate our working lives. Time-saving video conference calls are a communication solution that allows many users to have simultaneous video and audio conversations. This communication solution, which provides high-quality audio and video transmission, allows you to hold meetings even if you are not physically present at the workplace, and even allows you to change your background and add the image you want, regardless of where you are. We act by considering all the needs of the participants in the Smart Meeting Rooms we implement. We also save work desks, which we integrate with smart screens, video conference systems, IP cameras, professional projectors, sound systems, control systems, insulation systems, light systems and specially designed furniture, from cable clutter. At the same time, we offer the opportunity to manage curtains, lights and sounds by opening and closing automatically, thanks to the automation systems in the meeting rooms.

By incorporating video conferences into your working lives, the new generation communication solution saves you time and we continue to add Smart Halls to your lives.